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SELMO Engineering for Automation Engineers

SELMO automates a drilling machine

With functionally stable software, you can inspire your customers and make software engineering 25 to 75 percent faster, depending on requirements.


You are expected to develop ever safer automation solutions in an ever shorter time. Your PLC programs, whether purchased or developed in-house, should support you in efficiently implementing all of these requirements. Although programmers perform at the highest level, it is no secret that only a few start-ups work immediately. Even small copying errors in the code or mistakes at the engineering interfaces endanger customer satisfaction.

Do you also invest a lot of time in troubleshooting and customer support that you could use more sensibly? Or in training for the most diverse software specifications that can be interpreted in one way or another? You are not alone in this. Ultimately, however, you are the one who has to take responsibility for failures.


The challenge: to be at the cutting edge of technology. Always.

To be successful, you need technology that :

  • is as simple as it is intelligent, making commissioning and maintenance easier and more efficient.
  • gives you and your customers security.

They demand state-of-the-art technology for their digitization strategy.

But where is it located? - So that all data from every machine is digitally visible?

SELMO provides you with everything you need to implement PLC and HMI solutions as safely and easily as possible.

SELMO makes your software development and project planning more efficient. Because our patented technology has every bit of the software under control - during operation, on the HMI and during data evaluation. It automatically models and generates a reliable PLC programme including HMI.

SELMO makes your engineering and programming...


  • Standard for every machine
  • Implementation tool for functionally stable software in which ALL states are always monitored
  • Already testable during construction
  • Elimination of lengthy evaluation processes


  • More efficient due to platform-independent model
  • Modelling and generation instead of programming
  • Faster to PLC flow logic, HMI with error text
  • More focus through less third-level support


  • Easier documentation, readable codes
  • Control and display of all operations, deviations of the machine
  • Model, driver and function blocks can be reused, changed during operation
  • Flexibly expandable, modular machine concept

How to get SELMO Engineering?

  1. Use the freely available SELMO standard via our partner programme. The standard is like a digital book in which the basic functions of all machines are written down, based on the automotive industry.
  2. You and your customers only need to focus on the process and the requirements.
  3. With the SELMO tools, you can quickly bring the standard into the machine 100% implemented.
  4. Your customers benefit from 100 % monitoring and operating.

"When the machine is running, nobody is interested in the software. You only recognise good software when the machine is up and running."

SELMO CEO Markus Gruber in the Spirit of Styria

Join our partner programme with exclusive services and bonus material. We will support you step by step.