SELMOtino online successfully tested

Our generator online successful in test and start!

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SELMOtino in test and start
With zeal we have further developed our product and are confident to present the pre-release of our SELMO tool this year.
SELMOtino generates PLC and HMI automatically for you

SELMOtino, generator for PLC and HMI, proves itself

We are now already ready to test our SELMO generator for step chains “live” online. After our test series we can make our SELMOtino, as we call the generating part of our patented innovation, available to everyone. (CEO Markus Gruber)

Why a free standard for everyone, why a tool as a standard method?

Because with our innovation we want to make machines functionally more stable and their operation easier. Our approach: Man and process logic BEFORE the machine – stable bit control IN the machine.


Better is easier – now more than ever!

Especially in times of change, it is becoming more and more important that machine operators, suppliers and PLC experts can digitize in a resource-saving way. What Microsoft is for the computer, we want to achieve with SELMO for the control technology of machines. Compatible, available around the clock, always generating the same readable software structure, SELMO makes smaller companies more flexible and large companies more independent of a wide range of standards. SELMO reduces complexity.

The supplier or SELMO licence partner gets an efficient tool in his hands with which he can create high quality with always the same structures. The requirements for the machine are described in the “MODELER” bit-controlled. It offers a digital documentation (“duties and specifications sheet”) and strengthens the coordination between the trades. With our code generator (“CREATOR”), the programmer generates the error-free machine software and the HMI for it, in 100% compliance with the free SELMO standard. SELMO relies on partnerships and cooperation and connects users (standard SELMO, operating system SELMO) and machine builders (standard method SELMO, always identically structured PLC and HMI). The result of our tools is freely available to our customers. In this way SELMO makes it easier for everyone.



SELMO yet offers a DEMO project and a WorkZone to apply the logical flow and assemblies bit by bit in zones. The logical sequence and the assembly bits can then be quickly and clearly linked to the SELMO keys. In this way the model of the process to be automated quickly takes shape. Even with these simple steps, SELMO creates a uniform image of the machine or a specific part of a machine.


SELMO 1.00 Release with MODELER and CREATOR successfully in the test phase

In our latest SELMOblog, our CEO Markus Gruber tells how he used the new functions to model and generate a tomato squeeze in 15 minutes instead of programming. Get to know the basic principle of SELMO practically, because: SELMO is just as practical as this little machine with its quickly created step chains (sequences)!

Screenshot tomato crushing test machine PreRelease


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