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Crisis? No reason to brake for SELMO.

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For many industries, the corona crisis is both a warning shot and a wake-up call. If people have to stay in the home office, production must not be allowed to come to a standstill. This is why automation and Industry 4.0 are becoming increasingly important for survival. This is one of the reasons why SELMO has once again accelerated its growth during the crisis.

Styria as a centre of innovation for automation is growing – SELMO is joining in.


Where SELMO is, the secret European heart of automation technology beats. Styria is regarded as an innovation incubator and provides decisive expertise for the whole of Europe. As the Corona crisis shows, this is also urgently needed.

Directly after the first loosening of protective measures in Austria, other companies approached SELMO with the same questions: How can we implement process and application-safe machine automation so that our industry can react flexibly to unforeseen events such as a pandemic? How can we manage to free ourselves from our dependence on China and at the same time strengthen the European business location?

This urgent need for regionalisation once again encourages SELMO to develop locally. That is why the company is no longer represented only in the Dobler Business Park, but now maintains a second location in Etmißl in the Hochsteiermark.

Manpower is needed for such developments: The original team of three has now grown to ten permanent and freelance employees, cooperation and sales partners, who are constantly working on the innovative SELMO algorithm and the bit-precise machine control.

Crisis questions need clear answers

Even if automation remains a superordinate task with standard components, the answers are always individual. SELMO has therefore resumed a number of briefly suspended projects at full steam. For example, for Velox GmbH, which is converting a large wood cutting plant to PLC in a retrofit project. Fully automatically generated.  A detailed report follows.

2020 is not lost!

In spite of all uncertainty regarding the future development of Europe as a business location, there is no reason for SELMO to suspend its growth course for this year.

Another focus is the 1.00 release of the SELMO modeler and creator. In all probability, the SELMO Creator will be available before the end of this year, thus making the bit-precise automation of machines even more location-independent and user-friendly.

It is precisely these two points that are decisive motors of the post-Corona world: people must be able to work together from anywhere in the world – without machines or lockdowns interfering with them.

Insight into the Dobler SELMO office
Parking in front of a SELMO office
SELMO new in Hochsteiermark – 2 locations – over 10 team members, cooperation and sales partners!


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