SELMO for PLC Programmers

Do you want to program more easily and with more focus? No longer be the last in the engineering chain? Hand over copy and paste work and offer your customers added value?

Then make it easier for yourself – with the SELMO Studio, which will soon be available for you! After modelling the machine process you generate the error-free PLC code for the machine control and HMI automatically. Only with SELMO can you map, process and diagnose a state machine (step chain) in all its possible states. Check us, test us – without obligation. Payment is only made after testing via a software request system. Nevertheless, you will benefit from the full functional range of the software solution in this phase.


safer and easier

  • for machines according to IEC 61131-3
  • Method security for your customers
  • clearly structured, uniform programme structure
  • rapid, subsequent changes by adapting control codes
  • easier project management and documentation through a hardware-independent model
  • Reusability and changeability of the model, the driver, the function blocks
  • Support through SELMO method training for licence partners, soon to be a help centre function
  • Tool SELMO Studio, which makes your work more precise and faster – for yourself and your customers


Known at


A new machine is created…

1. Logic

Process steps simply modelled, process by process. We capture the process logic by state, loop, decision and time. Everyone is already informed when designing the plant!

2. System

Cost overview through digital twin: The actuators and sensors for the assemblies are defined. Each module is logically linked to the process as a zone.

3. Parameter

Communication with the environment: All the necessary data flows in, as do input and output data: Order, material (flow), quality and maintenance data.

4. Display

Data united: All data points from the layers are automatically converted into display elements. The control elements can be designed flexibly.

Do it SELMO!

Practical, relieving, variable use:

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