SELMO for Plant operators

Do you want to become more productive by reducing the downtime of your machines? Getting back into operation quickly in the event of a fault? Retrofit your old machines more easily?

We bring your machine software into a uniform form and create data transparency, because a SELMO machine can process all data points for diagnosis and control tasks. You avoid frictional losses in project handling right from the start. A SELMO machine tells you at any time what is happening, what needs to be done and what is missing in case of a malfunction. In most cases, the operator can find and correct the fault himself.

Much more than a manual

What you gain with SELMO

  • one universal, high-quality standard for every machine
  • Machines that are quickly put into operation, retrofit or new,
  • easy to operate machines
  • higher machine availability, reduced downtimes
  • a simple, compatible operating system
  • the same, traceable data for all
  • crystal-clear HMI display during operation and in case of
  • malfunctions,
  • People who like to work with SELMO and know how to use SELMO.

SELMO reduces complexity downwards (uniform algorithm) and upwards (stable data connection). Let’s think your machine through from the beginning! Once the process is complete, commissioning is quick. We support you with our technology transfer at every step so that you are prepared for the future.

SELMO is applied



simple – logical – automatic For more focus and productivity!

1. Logic

Process steps simply modelled, process by process. We capture the process logic by state, loop, decision and time. Everyone is already informed when designing the plant!

2. System

Cost overview through digital twin: The actuators and sensors for the assemblies are defined. Each module is logically linked to the process as a zone.

3. Parameter

Communication with the environment: All the necessary data flows in, as do input and output data: Order, material (flow), quality and maintenance data.

4. Display

Data united: All data points from the layers are automatically converted into display elements. The control elements can be designed flexibly.

Do it SELMO!

Clear display, uniform standard, data transparency:

Learn how to get to your SELMO machines.