SELMO for Machine Manufacturers

Do you want to test the sequence logic of your machines in the design phase? Perform the virtual commissioning with the finished PLC software? Build on a uniform standard? Become independent of software solutions that you and your team cannot understand?

Then build and project according to SELMO, because you can guarantee state-of-the-art technology with maximum functional stability of the software. Mechanics, electrical engineering, programming – with SELMO, all those involved have the same digital image and work with the same data. You are relieved as an “agent” for troubleshooting and in the training of various standards. You save most of the time in software engineering.



Efficient and simple

  • smooth coordination of tasks and assemblies for all disciplines before commissioning
  • easier documentation for all
  • real virtual commissioning, elimination of lengthy evaluation processes
  • Control and display of all processes and deviations of the machine
  • Reduction of support (third level)
  • an accessible, platform-independent data body for the press which describes and documents all statuses
  • Reusability and changeability of the model, the driver, the function blocks in operation
  • Modular machine concept allows flexible expansion even after commissioning

SELMO is applied

Talking about SELMO


State of the Art – Statemachine

1. Logic

Process steps simply modelled, process by process. We capture the process logic by state, loop, decision and time. Everyone is already informed when designing the plant!

2. System

Cost overview through digital twin: The actuators and sensors for the assemblies are defined. Each module is logically linked to the process as a zone.

3. Parameter

Communication with the environment: All the necessary data flows in, as do input and output data: Order, material (flow), quality and maintenance data.

4. Display

Data united: All data points from the layers are automatically converted into display elements. The control elements can be designed flexibly.

Do it SELMO!

Easier project planning, uniform standard, flexibility:

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