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SELMO meets machines once. Then they run by themselves.



SELMO: Sequence Logic Modelling

SELMO is the simplest and safest method for automatic code generation for machine control. SELMO is a project planning tool, software solution and compiler in one.

With the SELMO modeler you can create step chains and document your machine system. At the same time, the generator creates the correct code and the user interface fully automatically. You receive an efficient and holistic operating system that logically supplements the PLC.


> Never again: lengthy documentation, requirement specifications, codes that are difficult to trace, typing/copying errors, friction losses

> Now and in the future: safer machines with error display, own standard according to PLC-Open-Standard and IEC 61131, easy training and commissioning

1. MODEL - simple, logical

 The model connects flow logic and assemblies in a bit-controlled manner. The function of the step chain uniquely describes each state of the machine.


2. GENERATE - Automatic

From this model, the SELMO generator generates the error-free PLC code quickly and automatically – without further programming.

3. IMPLEMENT - fit for the future

PLC for Beckhoff, Siemens up to Bernecker & Rainer. You want to test SELMO on a machine? We support you step by step!

Demotour SELMO Beta-Version





Logic: machine sequence


System: Machine environment


Parameters: Flexibility of the machine


Display: HMI of the machine

The model represents the machine simply and logically for mechanics, electrics/electronics and IT. They all have the same picture – a common set of requirements and specifications. All data points are automatically collected in the intuitive HMI display. The online compiler reads the model and automatically generates the error-free PLC code for the machine, which is quickly commissioned. This is always displayed: What do I need right now, where is the error? Downtimes are quickly eliminated; functions and sequences can be easily changed on the model without having to retool the machine.

1. Logic-Layer

Process steps simply modelled, process by process. We capture the process logic by state, loop, decision and time. Everyone is informed as early as the design stage.

Example: a movement from A to B.

2. System-Layer

Digital twin and cost overview: The actuators and sensors for the assemblies are specified with bit accuracy. Each module is logically linked to the process as a zone.

Beispiel: Example: Which drivers are used for moving?  

3. Parameter-Layer

Flexibility of the machine: All necessary data are included, as well as input and output data, order, material (flow), quality and maintenance data.

4. Display-Layer

Data united: All data points from the layers are automatically converted into an intuitive HMI display. The operating elements can be freely configured.

Always: What the machine needs, where the error is located.

All about SELMO as beta version

Demo videos & technical documentation

What else we can do for you

SELMO consulting & implementation

Our experts and SELMO licensees support you in the training and application of SELMO. Or we can implement your project from the model to the commissioning of the machine.

SELMO licence

You want to use SELMO as a customer solution? We give you all the tools and information you need to do so. With SELMO you gain an easy to learn standard for your team.