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It's that simple!

Activation when you want - zero risk and no time wasting.


SELMOstudio is free of charge!  The standard can be easily purchased in our shop. 

Model your process and define your assemblies in the SELMO model and generate a sequence or plant structure. Import the PLCopen XML into PLCs supported by us.

You can find everything you need to know in our   HELPCENTER   or on our  Youtube channel

Everything commissioned-tested and satisfied?

Then you definitely need our SELMOTags.
Purchase in our shop or become a partner with special conditions.


What is a SELMOTag?

You can use this activation code to permanently unlock any of your developed PLC programmes.

The SELMOstudio is free of charge - all modelling is free of charge and fully functional - generate the PLC program free of charge - commissioning and acceptance free of charge.
When all are satisfied and convinced Activate the PLC program.

Buy now

We are opening our online shop to give everyone easy access to our SELMOTags.

Get your voucher

We should get to know each other! We give you a gift voucher worth €250,- Euro

FirstMover Advantage

The good prize belongs to the brave

Get a lifetime discount of 50% on every future SELMOTag. Do it now and be one of our firstmovers. Starting at 1000 SELMOTags and for the first 100 mechanical engineering partners.

Pay only when everything works - 100% satisfaction and testability

The SELMOstudio is free of charge - generate - test and start up is free of charge - activate your runtime with our SELMOtags - for a lifetime use in your SYSTEM

SELMOtag is the currency at SELMO.
With this currency, you buy license keys that you can use to pay for your modeled model in SELMOstudio.
There are three bundles to choose from. A bundle of 10, a bundle of 50, and a bundle of 100 SELMOtags.
For each bundle you get a license key, which is redeemed in SELMOstudio.

For small programs and for first implementations use our online store for the activation codes. For our partner network and larger projects contact us. Let's simplify the activation of your projects together. 

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