The Technology Progress

We bring machine users and machine manufacturers together through a common language. With SELMO as the connecting technology, all project partners focus only on the machine process. Free machines from software that is out of control and bring the safest software hardware-independent to digital production! This is how you secure your digital advantage in Manufacturing 4.0 completely risk-free.

Simple - Maximum security- Risk-free

SELMO is a uniform automation language that you can use. The freely available SELMO standard ensures that customers and suppliers understand each other better. It completely replaces the requirements and specifications. Machine users and machine manufacturers only have to agree on the requirements and the process. With SELMO tools, it is quickly implemented 100% in the machine. Without deviations, error-free, bit-controlled - from process to process. 

And SELMO is free of charge, right up to the point of commissioning. When you rely on SELMO, you minimise your risk when purchasing and developing machines.

Your output: digitally visible machines plus 100 % monitoring and operating.

  • Standard instead of specifications
  • Process description and documentation in tools
  • PLC code and HMI generated with one click
  • Unrestricted, free use and testing for suppliers
  • Pre-commissioning, virtual commissioning
  • Purchase of step chains only after satisfaction
  • Uniform, easy-to-operate machines with maximum stable software