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SELMO is running. Now also on CODESYS.

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Step by Step - SELMOstudio now also runs on CODESYS!

SELMOstudio development a giant step further.


After TwinCat/Beckhoff, SELMO now also runs on CODESYS-based control systems. The code that you generate with SELMOstudio is thus executable on all Windows-based systems.

This takes us a big step further in the direction of platform- and hardware-independent automation.

SELMO strives for platform independence for its customers and licence partners and prefers open systems as a first step. Siemens will be specifically integrated if required and demanded.

CODESYS is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 programming tool. We also make the tools for modelling and generation freely available. Only when fully satisfied with the tested software program, HMI included, is a license fee due.