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SELMO becomes SELMO Technology GmbH

Our new company name does justice to our mission.


SELMO Technology in name and in mind


We don’t sell software. We do not sell bits. We provide a technology transfer for machine users and machine manufacturers that connects and makes automation more understandable, easier and faster.

In order to capture this mission literally, we have renamed SELMO GmbH to SELMO Technology GmbH. The new name also helps to differentiate it from our operating unit, SELMO Automation GmbH, as the first licensee.

With SELMO Technology, all engineering partners can rely on a common digital language. Thanks to the universal SELMO standard, users and implementers only have to agree on the process of the machine. There is no need for time-consuming requirements and specifications. Our partner programme with all benefits and support services will soon go online – just like our new product website.


“What moves us? Our goal? To make machine software functionally stable and machines easy to operate.”

What sets us apart from other automation companies is our patented, disruptive technology with great growth potential. We have strong regional roots, but also international experience, with an automation background of over 20 years. We do not want to assert ourselves with individual tool building blocks, but with a new technology for simpler, algorithmically supported automation.

SELMO thinks in a user- and practice-oriented way, wants to educate and translate. With an understandable wording as well as a concise corporate design, we want to connect. We are not stingy with knowledge, but share it and pass it on – with the free-to-use SELMOstudio, the freely available SELMO Standard and included services of our partner programmes.