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Technology transfer for machine user

Digitise from the bottom up

Only with functionally stable software can you protect yourself from unplanned downtimes in production and digitize throughout.

Short production cycle times require speed, flexibility, and the most stable software possible. No manufacturing professional can afford to work with software that puts their process at risk. And yet today's PLC software solutions are risky to various degrees because they cannot control every state of the machine's software. Even small copying errors in the code can drag commissioning or downtimes into undreamt-of lengths.


Behind this are sources of error at the engineering interfaces and the as yet unsolved "state explosion problem". Individual programming is limited - this is the scientific theory that is all too often confirmed in practice: The machine goes on strike. And nobody knows why - even though every expert has done everything right.

The challenge: to find the best software

For your digitization specifications to take effect, data from every machine must be visible. The machines should be simple, energy-efficient, and stable to operate. And they should have a uniform structure and a user interface that displays deviations immediately and intelligibly.

SELMO provides you and your suppliers with everything you need to digitize and manufacture as safely as possible. SELMO solves the state explosion problem for you.

We bring your machines up to the state of the art and solve complexity from the bottom up. Our patented technology has every bit of the software under control - in operation, on the HMI, for your data evaluation, for the connection to business processes. The operator can predominantly analyse and rectify errors himself or pass them on to maintenance.

SELMO makes your automation


  • functionally stable software
  • digitally visible, predictable machines
  • stable data evaluation
  • diagnosis of hardware faults, improvement of effective energy


  • automatically generated PLC, HMI, virtually verifiable early on
  • continuous digitalisation from bottom to top
  • faster commissioning
  • rapid changes to the hardware-independent model


  • machines for people: easy to maintain and operate
  • always informed about what the machine is doing and what it is missing
  • error analysis is largely handled by the operator himself

How to get to your SELMO machines

  1. Pass on the SELMO standard to your suppliers via our partner programme. The standard is like a digital book in which the basic functions of all machines are written down, based on the automotive industry.
  2. You only need to focus on the process of the machine.
  3. With the SELMO tools, your suppliers or our licensing partners quickly bring the standard into the machine, 100% implemented.
  4. Benefit from 100% monitoring and operating

"When the machine is running, nobody is interested in the software. You only recognise good software when the machine is up and running."

SELMO CEO Markus Gruber in the Spirit of Styria

We secure your innovative capacity for a long time. Convince yourself of our partner programme with free services and bonus material: