Machine Builder and PLC Programmer

Partner license agreement for the use of SELMO as a standard and as a default for machine software

  • Are you interested in a SELMO partner license?
  • Do you want to use all the sales advantages of the SELMO network as a machine implementer?
  • Would you like to receive and implement projects from major customers as a licensed partner?

Our partner agreement regulates our cooperation and the services you receive are free or reduced.


  • A uniform standard for the PLC software and for interfaces to business processes
  • Uniform and simple operating concept
  • Monitoring and digitalisation down to the last bit
  • Always informed about what the machine is doing and what it is missing
  • Error analysis is often done by the operator himself
  • Easy-to-learn software change and structure for maintenance
  • Flexibility in the software, through simple exchange and expansion
  • The safest software available - no risk in purchasing
  • Digitally visible, predictable machines
  • Stable data evaluation, better energy efficiency
  • Hardware-independent models that fit a wide range of PLC hardware

In future, it will be sufficient to specify "One machine according to SELMO, please!" This says it all for the software structure and the operation of the system. Only the process and the parameters remain to be defined.


  • Support in sales and in the development of the specification sheet
  • Analysis and location determination (GAP analysis) of machines and customers
  • Potential analysis for future projects
  • Technology transfer workshops for internal staff and customer employees
  • Project support for software and commissioning
  • Retrofit with support from SELMO Automation GmbH
  • Sales advantages by passing on customer orders from the SELMO network to the license partners


  • Use of SELMO in future projects
  • Training and development of SELMO know-how
  • Compliance with SELMO guidelines to protect the SELMO brand
  • Willingness to be listed as a partner and to be publicly named as such
  • Consent to data processing