ONE generated PLC program – with Bit-Control

No more "Error" with SELMOtino!

Copying errors, typos and misunderstandings happen.

Especially in manual programming, and they spread!  If function blocks for automation standards are passed on from the programmer via the standard buyer, to the supplier, errors propagate in a complex functional chain and must be painstakingly traced and corrected. Machine processes modelled according to the SELMO standard can also trigger error messages. But these can be traced and eliminated immediately on the spot.

Bit instead of glass ball: anticipate the machine in every condition.

Even the seemingly simplest press with perhaps three main process steps needs five inputs for automation – for example, two simple cylinders and one key. Three steps and five inputs yield 32 possible bit patterns in the software. In each step and each transition from step to step, each of the 32 possibilities must now be defined in such a way that there is only one valid bit pattern. For the machine to run smoothly, the programmer must accurately predict the complexity and answer it in the code, partly manually and partly with modular blocks. Modern industry is usually far removed from simple 3-step machines. This makes it all the more likely that errors will creep in during manual programming and status descriptions. For the buyer, undreamt-of worlds open up as to why a machine does not work. If even one of these possibilities is not considered, in an emergency the operators must check the entire PLC code and laboriously work their way to the actual source of the error. This usually means contacting the standard supplier and accepting long downtimes. Automatic PLC programming with SELMO not only resolves the blurring of human programming logic. It revolutionizes the entire process design for automation. Machines and processes are modelled with bit accuracy. SELMO thus decouples every automatic sequence from the technical process and the actual machine and instead follows a simple bit logic that only knows yes or no for a state. This means that in the event of an error, it is immediately clear what the cause is and how the problem can be rectified. No lengthy search, external expertise, or complicated coordination processes are required.

SELMOtino makes every bit visible at an early stage, virtually verifiable and makes old and new machines digitally fit.

Our PLC HMI Code Generator SELMOtino is as easy as a quick start setup:

Operators only have to define processes and describe logical sequences. This effort is not in vain. SELMOtino takes over the generation of the bit-precise code with just a few clicks. This eliminates manual programming processes, tedious test routines, and even training for employees. But most importantly: copy-paste errors, redundancies, or design contradictions in the code are finally a thing of the past. The code can be checked at a maximum early stage – already during virtual commissioning. .  

Automation for Automation. SELMOtino!

SELMOtino is our mascot for automatic machine programming and a symbol for how easy it is to see and control a machine in any state.

We call this automation for automation. Many satisfied customers call it a Game Changer. Because the change of perspective from machine to bit makes much more possible: Templates and pre-modelled sequences for small machines are ready to use – but can be easily adapted and re-modelled. Without errors. Guaranteed.



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