At the start of our SELMOblog, we immediately attack the "hot potato": the hard-to-understand machine software – the brakes on innovation in today’s automation.

Behind this claim is the experience that new and reprogramming of existing machines are usually far more expensive than the software acquisition itself. Aside from a great loss of time and productivity (when machines fail, change, or retrofit, different software standards), and programmers who program inconsistently and are not always available. Software that is difficult to understand becomes a cost driver and a major stumbling block, as it has to be developed or optimized repeatedly.

Therefore SELMO

This is precisely where SELMO comes in. SELMO, a tool that combines method (Modeller) and solution (automatically generated PLC code, HMI), has already proven itself. Soon as an online tool, today already as an innovative solution for our SELMO Automation GmbH and its internationally operating customers.

Neither they nor we have to deal with different standards thanks to SELMO. The uniform PLC code is generated by the SELMO team from the digital machine model and then by the customer. Employees and SELMO operators learn SELMO quickly and uniquely.

SELMO machine operators now have machine software that is highly mature and reusable, and automatically generated to boot. The machine does what it is supposed to do. Errors are immediately indicated, existing software can be reused in reengineering, drivers are interchangeable, and changes are quickly implemented without jeopardizing the function of the software and machine. Committed to simplicity, SELMO is easy to use.

Better ONE operating system

This is why we refer to the SELMO toolbox in its comprehensive effect as a “hardware-independent operating system” that focuses on the logical sequence and process, thus enabling a digital machine twin as well as plug and produce. The logical sequence of the machine is conceived by humans. This is the core of the machine – this is where the simple-logical-automatic SELMO innovation is located – the software at the heart of the (state) machine. If this core, the smallest part in the big picture, is not stable to the last, modular or virtual solutions, machine learning and artificial intelligence from above will only help to a limited extent. With our focus on people and processes, we make the machine operator an expert and ultimately independent of us. It’s better because it gets easier – for everyone, from the operator to the PLC programmer. Thanks to SELMO, everyone can concentrate on their core competencies.

We will also present the proof on our website. Explanatory videos and tutorials are in planning, short, clear, and understandable. What works does not have to blind you with boxed sentences and industry jargon.

Therefore: Join us! We cordially invite you on a journey with SELMO, step by step, sequence by sequence, because #simpleisbetter.



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