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1. SELMO as standard function

The technical features of SELMO as a standard function.

2. Layer Concept

Here you can find basic information about SELMO as a method.

3. Glossary SELMOmodeler

SELMOwording, SELMOworld. Read here what our terms mean.

4. Demo-Tour SELMOmodeler

Join us on tour with the beta version of the SELMOmodeler.

5. Basics Logic-Layer

Functions of the menus, actions for State, Decision and Loop.

6. State Logic-Layer

Focus on the process: states – the creation of logical steps

7. Timer Logic-Layer

Timer – this is how you can insert time-controlled states.

8. Decision Logic-Layer

How you can create decision paths with the “Gateway”.

9. Loop Logic Layer

With a loop you can repeat one or more steps.

10. Zones System-Layer

How zones can be linked to the states in the matrix.

11. Check & Lamps System-Layer

In “Check & Lamps” the focus is on pair checks.

12. Hand & Control System-Layer

Modelable: “100% control” via software, machine – bit by bit.

13. Basics Parameter-Layer

In the parameter layer: All data for communication with the environment.

14. Basics Display-Layer

The HMI is automatically generated in the fourth SELMO layer.

15. PLC Code-Generator

Thus SELMO generates the PLC code quickly and automatically.

16. HMI-Generator

See how SELMO generates the HMI automatically.

17. Import TwinCAT

See how SELMO completes the engineering chain.