Digitizing with SELMO now supported!

A perfect incentive for bit-precise, transparent data flow.

SELMO remains on course for growth

Crisis? No reason to brake for SELMO.

SELMO @home. The best for health and service!

Challenging times need strong partners.

SELMO for LOGICDATA: effective & efficient

SELMO is not a dream of the future, but a productivity turbo for numerous projects.

Inventor of the TU Graz: SELMO-CEO

So much scientific innovation is in SELMO.

Our COO introduces herself

SELMOS organisation centre: Angelika Scrubei, COO and product developer

Larger office for our team

What grows needs space. We have that at the Dobl Business Park near the KNAPP campus.

SELMOtino’s coming!

With the practice of over 100 sequences. No question of being. 24 hours in action!

SELMO Prototype – GO!

In 30 minutes to the running machine. Our prototype will show you how it works. SELMO go!

It’s public: SELMO blogs.

From now on regular news. We also show constancy and focus in communication.