Good Times instead of Downtimes. EVERY BIT UNDER CONTROL!


DIGITAL STANDARD for every machine


DIGITAL FIRST for the machine process


DIGITAL FIT with generated PLC, HMI before the hardware

Good Times instead of Downtimes. EVERY BIT UNDER CONTROL!

SELMOtino every thing under control


DIGITAL STANDARD for every machine


DIGITAL FIRST for the machine process


DIGITAL FIT with generated PLC, HMI before the hardware

What happens if a single bit in the machine tips over? Right. Nothing more. Many producers struggle with long downtimes due to PLC errors or retrofits. 5 % of the cost of a machine stops 100% of it. Only this 5% is digital and decisive – for users and converters alike.

Therefore we put the software at the beginning instead of the end, generate it automatically and make it hardware independent. 

Only SELMO can convert ALL possible signal states of a machine.



possible conditions

Condition Control by SELMO

No human should have to master this complexity.

You have the choice: standardise and program (let us program) – with the knowledge that it is impossible for humans to comply with the standard and to implement all states of a machine manually.
Or generate according to SELMO – 100 % standard, 100 % process, 100 % monitoring, 100 % same usability at 0% risk.

SELMO: Every bit visible & checkable early

SELMO generates a PLC that can be validated on the 3D model and during virtual commissioning before the first screw is fitted. You get machine models that are automatically generated and run in any PLC hardware. Machine operators benefit from ONE operating system with clear error display and from automation that is open to change and is a unified whole. Software and drivers are finally interchangeable. Users reduce the effort in machine operation and implementers reduce the costs in the automation process. Programmers use SELMO as a relieving tool.

This is how SELMO works: the same picture for everyone, so that everything fits together better during commissioning.

Symbol image for selmo standard-hardware-independent sps


open, universal

Give the freely available standard to your vendors or use it yourself. It is like a digital book in which the basic functions of all machines are laid down, similar to the automobile. The process is the essence of the machine.

Info graphics for selmo method-integrated software engineering


Modeler Tool

The sequence logic modeling fills the standard with the individual machine process. So that all trades follow the same picture: step by step and bit by bit. “Digital first” makes project planning easier and the machine truly digital.


Creator Tool

The standard is maintained because it is generated instead of programmed. A patented process converts the model into a PLC according to IEC 61131 and into an HMI. The digital twin can be put into operation virtually. The SELMO machine is digitally fit early on.

SELMO standard method implementation PLC generation
SELMO info graphic showing how SELMO works, from process to error-free PLC

4. Monitoring & Operating

Operating system

The uniform, hardware-independent software structure is easy to operate and learn. All machine states are under control. The machine always informs what the next step is, what needs to be done and what is missing.
Every bit becomes visible!

SELMO Method and Technique

Explanation video

You model simply and logically the (state) machine by first focusing on the process. Our code generator SELMOtino automatically converts the bit-controlled process logic into stable and error-free PLC and HMI. Simply Press Start!


Lines of Code generated

SELMO as a product

SELMO Beta.Version

Info graphic for the open SELMO standard for all

You standardise anyway?

Producer or implementer: With different standards, your effort in development, training and maintenance is huge. Or take SELMO as ONE solution independent of hardware and suppliers. The producer agrees the SELMO standard with suppliers. This is trained by us on SELMO and saves time and money in the development and acceptance of the machines. He can document, produce and deliver the machine more easily – and become a SELMO licence partner if desired.


functionally stable
hardware independent
according to IEC 61131
unified PLC


virtual, real commissioning
PLC changes, driver exchange


SELMO minimizes:

complex awarding processes
long shutdowns
manual specifications and requirement specifications with expiry date
complex implementation processes
process delays in the value chain
incompatible and unproductive machine processes
regular faults


project engineering
digital documentation
school enrolment

Better is easier – for everyone!

SELMO makes it easy to do the right things right.
Effective for plant operators, efficient for converters.

Plant Operators

PLC Programmers

Machine Builders

Hardware Manufacturers

High standard for PLC programming

“The automotive industry has always demanded a high standard for PLC programming. A standard was developed by each OEM and communicated to the suppliers. The requirements have not become smaller over time, but rather more demanding. What has been demanded for decades, SELMO now delivers from one model: a stable structure and user-friendly functions. Since programming is done by a code generator, a general standard for mechanical engineering could become established. SELMO is already involved in various projects and will soon be available as an online tool. Generating allows concentration on the process and commissioning. The result is a structure with the highest demands on software quality”.

STECO Engineering GmbH
CEO Rudolf Steinmetz

Productivity turbo. No future music!

“SELMO is not a dream of the future, but a productivity turbo for numerous projects. As SELMO Automation GmbH and first licensee we operate successful showcase facilities. Already on the second day of SELMO integration, we re-modelled a test machine four times. The focus on process and flow logic is not in vain. Thanks to the HMI generator, the system was immediately ready for use. Time factor 1:5 to 1:7 is not a deception but reality. Further license partners are very welcome!”

SELMO Automation GmbH

Interlocking of practice and science

“I already got to know SELMO at the FH CAMPUS 02 through the academic career of Markus Gruber. During his automation engineering studies, he had already pursued the idea of simplifying, standardising and better safeguarding PLC programming and thus the functional definition of automatic machines. SELMO has become ready for the market by combining practice and theory or economy and science. In SELMO I see a great opportunity to counteract the lack of resources and to play a central role in automation”.

CAMPUS 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft
FH-Prof. DI Dr. Udo Traussnigg, Head of Studies Automation Engineering

New quality standard for machine programming

“SELMO provides an easy method to transform logical based sequences into an automatic generated, safe and secure software. Thus, a new quality standard for machine programming is guaranteed.”

Science Park Graz
High Tech Incubator

info graphic SELMO engineering english

SELMO Software Engineering Projects

24hr sequences



Largest Sequence Steps

Thousand code-lines generated

We make machines functionally stable and easy to operate.

Who we are

With our work we want to make machine software simple and machine operation safe and easy. Our approach: Man and process BEFORE machine – IT into the machine!
simple logical automatic


You want to project and produce faster and easier? As operator, programmer or licensee? New, digitally optimized or retrofit – we support you at every step. SELMO is in machines that run all by themselves.



SELMOtech – Betaversion